Process Servers, Subpoena Delvery and Court Document Services.

We are the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation also known as A.C.E., Inc., Private Process Servers. Our extensively experienced and knowledgable Process Servers are available to you by email or via telephone. Our services are performed by Process Servers, Private Investigators, Courthouse Agents and Mobile Notary Public staff members. We are fully prepared to assist you with whatever service you need. If for any reason we cannot assist you, (not likely) we will recommend a professional agent who can. When you are seeking information or you are ready to schedule your service please contact us now. We are ready to confirm your needs and start your service immediately. 

Our Local Process Servers and Subpoena Delivery Specialists are Experienced and Ready to Assist you Now.

We are here and eager to get started with assisting you with your success. Our Process Servers will custom fit your service request and engage services exactly how you need them performed. A.C.E. process serving services are guided by our own rigorous standards, applicable rules of civil procedure, state and federal statutes and are particularly focused on quick delivery and proper service of process and document delivery services. 

Our office is proud to boast about exceeding our 940,000th successful service of process and delivery service and expect to exceed one million transactions by the end of the year. We are always questioned how a small business can handle so many transactions and be successful at doing so? The answer, plain and simple is, we care. We care about you and we care about our business and we care about results. For the past two decades, we have been providing careful courthouse services, process serving services, subpoena services, serving court orders, urgent notifications, summons, show cause actions, citations and all types of letters, eviction notices, foreclosure notices. 

Considering there are thousands of these types of services taking place each day, our level or participation in the legal services profession is manageable and responsibly offered. We only accept new service request we can handle to perfection. We do not accept all requests and are known for referring select request to friendly competitors who may be closer or better equipped (not likely). Please be advised, our process server’s travel extensively, have printers and scanners in their vehicles and equipped to receive documents by email. All A.C.E. Process Server are available to serve process and deliver documents everyday of the week, including holidays as allowed by law. 

All Process Serving and Subpoena services are modeled after your particular needs and are custom fit to assure accurate and timely results.

For the past twenty-three years our process servers have traveled millions of miles, visited hundreds of courthouses and government building serving lawsuits, copying case files and delivering hundreds of thousands of court orders, subpoenas, notifications, summons, show cause, citations and all types of letters, eviction notices and more. Please be advised, our agents are available to assist you in a moment’s notice. The only possible issue that may slow us down is unexpected weather conditions or acts of god such as, but not limited to, fires, hurricanes, floods, etc. We are also in a position to draft witness fee checks, pay clerk fees and even offer addresses for production of documents. Of course, we will have to discuss applicable fees and logistics from the onset.

Certified, Authorized and Official Court Document Process Serving and Subpoena Delivery Services
  • Guaranteed Quick and Proper Service of Process and Subpoena Delivery Services
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A.C.E., Inc. Provides Court Document Process Serving and Subpoena Delivery Services. Our process servers guarantee prompt results

A.C.E, Inc. process serving services are guaranteed. Whether it’s a simple service of a subpoena or serving a difficult defendant with a lawsuit or court order, we always take pride in making sure we exceed our clients’ expectations. You can count on A. C. E. Process Servers to follow your direction and to act lawfully at all times. We are very careful how we handle each transaction as we know every step taken by our process servers are the foundation of and a sure way to advance your case. Rest assured, we are serious about how we handle your documents and guarantee results.

Technology, Compliance, Efficiency and Commitment is what A.C.E. private Process Servers offers every client. We serve process and deliver legal documents and demand letters in a manner that most don’t and many wish they could.
Our commitment to your needs and compliance to proper service is at the highest level in the process server industry. We are leaders at the services we provide because we regulate and manage aspects of each service we are asked to perform. Our employees, agents and contractors utilize mobile scanners, email, text messaging, apps, video and copy/scanner devices in their vehicles, homes and offices. All devises are utilized to increase efficiency, save time and lower the cost of delivering and serving papers. As you can tell by our website we enjoy connecting with and committing ourselves to our client’s needs. As you will learn from us, our process servers will use the tools of our trade to work to your advantage.
We pledge to provide fast and efficient process and delivery services whenever and wherever needed
We are fast, efficient and know exactly how to get each service properly effectuated. No other Process Service company offer’s the ease of services, reasonable fees and excellent customer service the way we can. No other Process Serving organization has twenty years of professional and dependable processing managers to assure perfection!
Guaranteed Court Document Process Serving and Subpoena Services
Our process serving and delivery logistics services are managed by in house licensed Private Investigator’s who are skip tracing and location professionals. When there is a difficult to serve defendant or a subject cannot be easily found, you can expect one of our investigators to provide you with a free consultation how to locate and serve the target of your service of process. Our licensed private investigators work hand in hand with our process servers and use all of the best resources, database services and good ole fashion detective skills to find and serve people anywhere in the United States. Actually, when an A. C. E. Private Investigator is teamed with an A .C. E. Process Server to handle complex situations, we have a 99% success rate!
A.C.E. private Process Servers assure timely and accurate services.
A. C .E. Inc., Process Servers contracts and manages a professional network of authorized and dependable process servers and document delivery agents in most states, counties, cities and zip codes throughout the United States. A. C. E., Processing Managers are proud of their long history of successful service offering, no complaints, being a respected process service agency for more them 3100 law firms and as an approved vendor to most United States Government agencies. We have the distinct honor of being called the “go to” process serving and courthouse service company by the top 100 law firms and at least 77 of the Fortune 100 Corporations. Our “get it right the first time” attitude assures our clients we provide services in a serious and dedicated manner that is required in the Legal Support services industry.